Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Another Laundry Update

After the initial reading of the memo and the initial round of questions, all four children decided to sign the memo to show that they understood the changes.  I don't know why they decided to do this, I did not ask them to.  I do know it was Charlotte's idea.

That first night when preparing clothing to go in the laundry I got several questions on how to turn things right-side-out (from the twins) and asked to check that they had done it correctly.  Rehm came up and said, "you don't mean socks, right?"  I responded, "if you want me to wash them I do!" 

Eliza Claire had an accident in the middle of the night.  She came in our room crying, not because she had an accident but because she couldn't get her wet pajama pants turned right-side-out for the laundry! 

From all their reactions to these new laundry rules you would think I had yelled, screamed, burned laundry in the front yard, or done something else spectacular to get their attention.  It is amazing what a simple direct note can do.

I do have a small pile of rejected laundry in the laundry room but for the most part they are doing a great job complying with the new rules. 


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