Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Custom T-shirt Recommendations Needed

We are going to Disney World later in the year.  When we go somewhere crowded I like my kids to wear matching shirts so that they are easier to spot in crowds.  We will use shirts we already have for most of the days (Aggie, Tarheel, VBS, Rangers), but I would like to get a fun custom shirt for each child as well. 

I have used the iron-on computer printer paper to make a few shirts in the past.  They are great as long as I'm putting it on a white shirt but not so great for colors. And great as long as I can design in Publisher - mostly color, words and simple graphics.  I know Vista Print will print shirts if you upload your design but I'm Photoshop illiterate (note to self:  Learn Photoshop next year when all the kids are finally in school) and not sure how to do something that would end up looking good. 

Rehm's Shirt is one I made when the twins were born.  
Charlotte's Shirt I made when the Twins were born

I'm not looking for Disney themed shirts.  My plan is to do something around the Maniac theme, since that is our family nickname.   I'm thinking something with either a theme park setting with a cartoon family of six and the words "Maniacs in the Park."  Or "Maniac 1 of 4, Maniac 2 of 4, etc." or "I'm a Maniac!"  or "Life is an adventure when you're a MANIAC!" with some kind of graphic and fun fonts.

So if you have good suggestions for places to design a produce the shirts or you have a good design slogan idea for me I would LOVE to hear from you!

Jenn - Mom of the Maniacs  - I think I know what my shirt will be...


Renee CK said...

My find is Cafe Press. I'd say do a same-same shirt for the front, then you can iron on a nick name to the back. (Like Mom of the Maniacs- or MM for short which, going to Disney, there are other MM's to be found! ;))

If you need some Photoshop work, let me know. I'm self taught and I'll tell ya, it ain't a cake walk, but it's fun once you learn.


Wencked said...

I was going to recommend cafe press too.


good luck...and a great idea.

Shelly & Lisa said...

I like your Dr. Seuss theme. Cat-in-the-Hat. Mother. The Grinch. Cindy Lou Who, Thing 1 and Thing 2.