Friday, March 04, 2011

In an Effort to Avoid Hypocrisy

When the kids were babies and pre-verbal they would change their schedule or needs in some major way with no warning leading to a difficult period while I tried to figure out the changes. During these times I always longed for my working days when major changes in my job responsibilities or working conditions would be, at a minimum, preceded by a memo explaining the coming change. I always lamented that "I wished I had received the memo" during these times with the the kids.

Today while doing laundry I realized change was in order. In an effort to not spring something on the children without warning or without my expectations clearly stated I created this memo today.

And I placed it in a spot they can't miss it when they come home from school.

Why don't I think they'll appreciate my efforts for full disclosure?
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PS.  I've added a new door mat to my shopping list.

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