Thursday, August 04, 2011

Camp Papa and Cici: Installment 3

Oh my goodness, my son is getting so spoiled. He is going to be so bored when he gets back to reality.

Saturday he saw the Smurfs movie in 3D with Aunt Sherri and Zander. Then played at their house most of the day. That evening they had family dinner with all the aunts and uncles and cousins.

Sunday Rehm went to church with Papa and Cici. After that they spent the afternoon playing games at Cici's house and hanging out with Zander and family.

Monday included a tour of a local dairy farm. Rehm called from the farm to tell me the ice cream was as good and possibly better than Blue Bell.

Tuesday he zapped three squirrels! Actually he zapped one squirrel once and a second squirrel twice. I asked what they did when he zapped them. He said, " they go 'zzzzz' and then fall! Then they get up and try again!" I'm not sure if the squirrels are teaching a lesson in perseverance or stupidity.

Also on Tuesday he and Papa went golfing. This was a different course than last time. I haven't heard much about it yet.

Wednesday, Rehm got to go to Bo'Jangles for lunch. He loves their biscuits. Then they picked up Zander and all went bowling.

He called this morning to ask if he could stay an extra week. I told him "No!" I am not sure I'm going to recognize This boy of mine when he gets home.

I wonder what else they will do before putting him on his flight on Saturday?

Cici, what have I missed in the list of things you have done?

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Jenn said...

These are comments from Cici that she posted on Facebook. Just want them here so they will end up in the blog book:

Today was breakfast, of course, more bowling, Costco, Krispy Kreme, getting ready to go to Grannie's now and then he is going to GREAT AUNT Tracy's for boy's night.

Highlight of the day was going into Winston and meeting the funeral procession for Officer Willingham. Don't think any of us will forget that.

Jenn said...

And from Aunt Sherri:

So sad....I was so glad to see that most people even on the highway pulled over out of respect

Jenn said...

More of Wednesday Happenings:

Cici bought a cinnamon strudel cake. She sent a piece home with Zander. Later Rehm had a piece and noticed nuts in it. He mentioned this to Cici because Zander is allergic to nuts.

These comments are from Cici and Aunt Sherri:

Cici: Rehm thinks he is a hero because he was the one who informed us there were nuts.

Aunt Sherri: Tell him he was. It scares me to think that something could have happened if he had gone to sleep without medicine. squeeze him for me

Phyllis said...

Also meant to tell you that Rehm weighed a couple days ago and weighed 101.5. I asked him what he normally weighs and he said that when he had pnuemonia (end of June) that he weighed 92. OOPS!

Jenn said...

He lost some weight with the pneumonia. And he always gains about 5 or 6 pounds when we visit your house :) So that number doesn't surprise me.