Wednesday, August 10, 2011


During Camp Papa and Cici my Mom mentioned that Rehm might need to have his eyes checked. She noticed a couple of times where he could not read signs that she could.

Wanting to verify this for myself, I turned to the Internet for a printable eye chart. Sure enough he could not read more than one or two letters correctly on the entire thing!

Today was eye doctor day. Our diagnosis was confirmed. Nearsighted, with weak prescription and slight astigmatism. Apparently, he inherited my eyes. He needs glasses but he isn't going to be lost without them.

We picked out frames and should have his actual pair by next Wednesday at the latest. We saved over $100 by going to Walmart for the glasses instead of getting them from the eye doctor's office.

I will be ordering a back up pair and a sports pair from Zenni.

He went into this process very apprehensive. I think now he is just excited about being able to see clearly.

While I had the chart on the wall I did check the girls vision as well. At this time they are all good.

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