Monday, August 22, 2011

My Babies Started Kindergarten

Eliza Claire came in my room at 6:00 am because she had "a bad dream."  She went back to sleep in my bed until 6:45.  When I came to wake her up, she scrubbed around for about ten seconds.  Then her eyes popped open and she exclaimed, "School!!!!" She hopped right up and ran to get dressed.

I went to wake Ruby up.  She was still snoring.  I gently woke her up, afraid she was going to yell at me.  I leaned over her, with an arm on each side of her and asked her if she was going to get up.  She said, "I would if you would ever move your arms!" I laughed and moved and she popped out of the bed.
Ruby and Eliza Claire with their wonderful teacher Mrs. Johnson

When asked about the best part of their day Eliza Claire immediately said, "Recess!"  and Ruby said, "my chicken nuggets, I guess."

They read the Kissing Hand.  They had art today.  They went to the playground twice!  I think that is all I've learned so far.  

I would say it was a successful first day of school. 

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