Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, What a Night

Michael got home from a business trip about 11:00 completely exhausted. He went to sleep, I read.

As usual Baron took up residence on the bed between us.

The cat started meowing in the hallway.

The cat meowing freaked Baron out. It doesn't tale much he is a skiddish dog to start with.

This caused Baron to pace in circles on the bed. When a 60+ pound dog paces on a bed with two people in it, it isn't pretty.

This woke Micheal multiple times. He was not happy.

I kept trying to get Baron off the bed but he was scared to get down because the cat was in the hallway right by our door.

The cat wouldn't leave the hallway because there was a cricket trapped in an overhead light fixture.

Baron wouldn't settle because the cat wouldn't leave the hallway.

Finally Baron and I went downstairs together. I slept On the couch and he settled nicely beside me on the floor.

Everyone could finally sleep.

I must really love this dog and this husband.

It is 10 am and the cat is still meowing in the hallway...


PS. We have never allowed dogs on furniture of any kind until the last month. I'm not sure how Baron managed to get us to change that rule.


Phyllis said...

Think your "Pearl" chances are moving toward zero!

Pattie said...

Sounds like a new book, "If you hear the Cat Meowing" like the Pig/Pancake, Mouse/Cookie books :)