Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Twins, it's not a choice, it is a blessing

I read this article today and was left horrified.  You see, I have twins.  Twins I never expected to have.  Twins, when I had a five year old and a not quite three year old.  Twins, when my husband was traveling four days a week, every week.  Twins, when I had to do some convincing of my dear husband to have a "third" child.  Twins, when I'd had plenty of complications with singleton pregnancies, including a child who died at birth, a miscarriage and two children who had varying length NICU stays. Twins!
It never occurred to me not to have one of them. It never occurred to my husband.  Even when they weren't expected.  Even when it wasn't convenient.  Even when it wasn't easy.  Even when it scared me to death to think of the additional pregnancy complications that come with twins.  Even when I couldn't imagine how we would possibly pay for college times four, or weddings times four.  It. Was. Never. A. Choice.

How could it be?  How can it be for some people*?  I don't understand. 

One of these precious girls would not be here.

I can not imagine.

*I understand that there are unexpected medical situations that arise that could make a choice like this necessary.  Trust me, I know plenty about pregnancy complications and pregnancy loss.  But, this article was not dealing with medical necessity, just choice.

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Phyllis said...

I was only able to make it through the first page of the article.

Will never forget how I laughed when you called to tell me you were having twins. I knew it was going to be hard, but so much fun! Has been amazing watching them and watching you be their Mom.

Can't imagine never having either one of these beautiful grandchildren! (even though I still cannot tell which is which in that baby picture)