Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Random: Today's Pictures from my Phone

Looking at these pictures, this is going to be a very random post. 

My Granny, is in her late 80s.  She is declining both physically and mentally.  She used to be an amazing crocheter.  In fact one of my most prized possessions is a table cloth she made me at of very fine thread that probably took her an entire winter to make.  These days she makes little crocheted things to occupy herself.  They don't really have a design or purpose.  She gave Rehm one for him and each of his sisters while he was visiting.  So far, this is the best use we've found for them - Playmobil people clothing!  They are all dressed up and ready to go to the wedding.

With Ruby and Eliza Claire starting Kindergarten in less that two weeks (!), I am trying to round up the last few things they need for school.  They need a small pillow and blanket, I have one pillow and several blankets.  I took this picture to remind me to look for another pillow like this one while running errands today.  Unfortunately, I could not find any of these (it is about 12x16) but did find a baby pillow (it is about 8x10?).  Luckily thanks to my amazing Mom and Mother-in-Law I have plenty of pillow cases for both of these sizes of pillows.  I think we officially have all of our back to school supplies.  Now I just need to remember to pick up short to wear under dresses and pack a change of clothing in their backpacks in case an unfortunate and embarrassing accident occurs. 

Rehm and Charlotte had a playdate with friends this morning.  Ruby, Eliza Claire and I went shopping for a shower present for this weekend.  Ruby can not for the life of her get the baby's name right.  She kept calling him "Duck-lan."  His name is Douglas.  I know she is thinking of the name Declan, which is the son of good friends of ours.  I kept saying, "You mean Douglas," enough times that she and Eliza Claire are both calling him "Duck-las!"  I think it is so cute I can't bear to correct her in further.  While shopping for the baby gift I came across this lunch box set that I had a very hard time not buying to try out with my kids.  It looks like it could make a fun different lunch.  But it was expensive and as my husband would tell you, I have enough lunch stuff already.  But, I may have to try one at some time. 

I just realized in the lunch box picture you can see my crackle/shatter nail polish.  I'm blaming it on my girls and niece.  We bought two bottles of it while Brooke was visiting.  We bought the Sally Hansen brand as it was on sale at our grocery store.  We bought white and purple shatter.  So far we have not found an under color that makes the purple look good.  And the purple doesn't seem to crackle as well as the white.  It is very important to let the first color dry completely before applying the crackle.  The thinner the layer of crackle the more crackled the end result.  You have to be careful not to go back over a spot you've already painted with the crackle or you lose most of the effect.  I find painting with it to be similar to trying to paint your nails with White Out.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who did this when bored in class in middle school?

These adorable sweaters were at Babies 'R Us today.  The color came out funky in the picture.  They were much cuter in person.  I was very sad that my girls have outgrown Babies 'R Us sizes as I would have bought these.  In fact there were several darling pieces of girl clothing today.  But alas, I'm not sad we have outgrown the baby store.  In fact in kind of makes me giddy.

This pretty flower was made by my daughter and myself.  She has read in her Fancy Nancy  books about making tissue paper flowers and wanted to make some today.  Instead of tissue paper, I had her bring me a couple of regular tissues.  I showed her how I used to make flowers with my friend Anita in elementary school.  The step Fancy Nancy didn't tell her about was tearing the edges of the tissue to make them ragged.  It makes for a much prettier finished product.  She was impressed with her Mom's flower making ability and likes having her creation on display in the kitchen.

This, my friends, is a screen shot of the wallpaper on my phone.  If my husband reads this he will be shaking his head.  This is Pearl.  She is a dog currently in foster care with Houston Collie Rescue.  She is about a year old and deaf.  She doesn't look like a "real" collie because she is a double-dilute or double-merle collie and a smooth coat to boot. (Our other collie is also a smooth coat - just means he has short hair instead of the long coat you think of when you hear the word "collie.")  Her parents should have never been bred together. Breeding two merle collies leads to having dogs with hearing and/or vision problems and often puppy mortality.  I have totally fallen in love with this dog and would like to add her to our crazy household. From a practical standpoint I know we should remain a one dog house.  My head knows this, but my heart just loves this little lady.  Every time I turn on my phone this picture makes me smile.  I hope she finds the perfect family very soon.

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Jenn said...

Wow, I just realized there is not a single picture of a person in this post. Oops, I'll do better next time.

Shelly said...

Duck-las. I love it.

I've heard of those lunch boxes before. They must have been pretty pricy for you to pass it up.

Cameron was just asking me about the crackle nail polish. You'll have to explain it to me (how it works exactly) when I see you this Sat.