Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Goodbye Leafy

Poor Eliza Claire is having a rough night.

Last night in the bath tub she found a small leaf, about the size of a dime. I have no idea why it was in the bathtub. Yeah, obviously my cleaning must leave a bit to be desired. I'm sure it got a ride to the bathtub on one of the girls' hair as they are notorious for rolling around on the ground when they play outside.

She named it Leafy and it became her pet. They had great fun playing in the bath for about half an hour. When bath time was over, Eliza Claire put Leafy in a cup of water to wait for her to come play today.

The housekeeper came today. Apparently she had no clue there was anything special in the cup and dumped it out when she cleaned the tub. Leafy is gone forever.

Eliza Claire is heartbroken. She cried through her entire bath tonight. She talked about what a good leaf Leafy was and how sad she was that she would never see him again. "But, he was such a good friend, I loved him!"

I thought it might help if I shared the story of Charlie the June Bug with her. I'll share it with Mayhem Mania another day. The fact that 30+ years later I still fondly remember him did not comfort her at all. In her mind he could not have possibly been as special as Leafy.

Ruby came in and told her to kiss her hand and put it in the water do the kiss would travel down the drain to him. When that didn't work, she told Eliza Claire to ask God to give Leafy a message for her. That didn't help, either.

Right now playing on the computer is distracting her.

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Phyllis said...

Would it help if you told her "the sweet little worm" is probably using her special leaf for food?