Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Meaning of Easter

Tonight Ruby and Eliza Claire were working on some Easter cards to mail. The Easter cards had a chick on them and basically just say, "Happy Easter." the girls were writing notes inside and decorating them with Easter egg stickers. Eliza Claire started trying to sound out a word...

Me: Eliza Claire, what are you sounding out?

EC: I want to say, "the things on this card are not really what Easter is about."

Me: (Being a really bad mom) Eliza Claire, you don't have room to write all of that on the card and I'm not spelling all of those words for you, why don't you write something a bit shorter.

EC: Ok. You know, most of the kids in my class don't know what Easter is really about.

Me: They don't?

EC: Nope. So I told them the real meaning.

Me: You did? What did you tell them?

EC: I told them that Easter is really about Jesus dying on the cross on Good Friday and not being dead anymore on Easter morning.

I'm just thrilled that my five year old is so comfortable sharing her belief in Jesus.

Happy Easter,
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Phyllis said...

WAY TO GO, Eliza Claire!