Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

The pre-church photos of the kids.  We successfully made it to the eight o'clock service this morning.  This was quite an accomplishment given all of the Easter finery.  

The closest I got to a really good picture of all four Maniacs

Ruby did not like that her dress was shorter than Eliza Claire's.  But when you have such great hand-me-downs to wear, you wear the size you've got.
Eliza Claire can not smile for a photograph to save her life.  I love the three different expressions here.
Charlotte feeling very special in her Easter dress

My favorite picture of the day.  I think this completely captures Miss Ruby.

The best Eliza Claire smile of the day.  I love how it shows off her missing teeth.

Rehm is to the point he gets annoyed by the picture taking.  I'm just glad he finally found the pants I bought him a month ago that actually fit.  He kept wearing the smaller pants and I kept asking where the new ones were and getting no response.  Finally! Pants that fit!

Looking serious.
Trying to get a good group shot.
Still trying...
Uh, oh, this is getting worse not better.
The End!

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