Monday, April 02, 2012

Stupid Squirrels

Yesterday, I saw Baron jumping up on the fence and realized there was something on the top of the fence.  It turned out that something was a mother squirrel carrying a baby squirrel.  Having the baby squirrel with her made her slow and heavy.  She was fighting to not fall off the fence, especially with Baron jumping right below her. 

I asked Michael to go get Baron.  I didn't want the poor squirrels to get eaten.  I felt extremely sorry for them.  Luckily Baron was cooperative and, shockingly, came right in when called. 

Fast forward to this morning.  I walk by the back door and notice a stupid squirrel, who was only a screen door and about 3 feet away from me.  The blasted thing was stuffing its mouth full of my one and only remaining chair cushion!  Argh!

Not the best quality due to the screen door but I had to show you this dumb squirrel.

Today, I'm really regretting yesterday's squirrel charity and Michael is contemplating the purchase of a BB gun...


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