Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break Trip: The Worship Service

Sunday Morning the kids announced we needed to have worship. They decided to organize a complete service. They planned an order of worship complete with music, prayer of adoration, prayer of confession, Bible readings, sermon and communion.

Of course we had not been planning to do this in advance and did not really have proper communion elements. We had to improvise a bit and use tortillas and lemonade.

Each child had a special part they contributed to the service and they really did organize and execute the entire service on their own.

It was really sweet and really moving. I'm thrilled that our children truly do have their own relationship with God and their own faith.

Lael doing a reading

Rehm delivering his sermon on Creation.  The subject was chosen because the ocean and its awesomeness were created by God.
Ruby did not want to have a part in the service.  Not surprising as she does not like to be in front of a group of people.
The Communion Table
Eliza Claire helping serve Communion

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