Monday, April 23, 2012

I need someone to talk me down

I just went out to the van to look for a flip flop of Rehm's I need to borrow today. I'm getting a pedicure and his croc flips are the easiest to get on afterward without messing up my new polish.

I did not find the flip flop. What I did find was a plastic grocery bag full of trash and another full of stuff that should not be in the van. Things like crayons that melt in Texas heat. A shoe that Ruby has been missing for weeks. A book that belongs to the school. Lots of ponytail holders. And much more. What really, really infuriates me is the trash sitting UNDER the trash can!

My kids are inconsiderate slobs. This is not just a van problem. It is also a house problem. They think when they are done with something it is fine to just drop it anywhere and go do something else.

I have yelled. I have threatened. I have taken away privileges. I have made them pay for cleaning. I have tried it all. Nothing seems to work. I need ideas people!

It is a good thing they aren't home at the moment or I would be yelling up a storm. I'm mad! But mad doesn't do me any good. I need solutions. What works at your house? How do you get your kids to clean up after themselves without following then 24/7 being a harpie?

Oh, I did finally find the flip flop in his closet. But I don't even want to start talking about his room.

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Kanga said...

Well... all I can say is I'm a been there done that mom... and nothing has made a difference for me. I even threw away a BUNCH of stuff, and it seems like they have missed maybe one of those things I threw away :(
If you figure something out please let ME know, because I'm already feeling sorry for the eldest's yet-unknown college room mate who is going to think it is my fault that I raised such a disgusting slob...

Amy said...

Me too! HELP! I just told Jack that we are working on that this summer. I feel like such a nag CONSTANTLY reminding them to put trash in the trash can and clean up after themselves. Oi. Maybe Pinterest has some help for us?:-) Keep me posted if you figure anything out!