Friday, February 07, 2014

Another Bad Weather Day

Due to a chance of freezing drizzle all schools in the area cancelled school today. In our area the roads stayed completely dry. Cold, but dry. I'm glad it stayed dry as it allowed me to take care of some errands that really needed to get done and get to my Block of the Month class.

I didn't think I was going to get to go to Block of the Month today as Charlotte was supposed to have a field trip today. She informed me earlier in the week that I had never been on one of her school filed trips but had attended multiple ones for her siblings.

I really thought I had been on at least one, but when she went through the list she was right. Talk about major mommy guilty. Though in my defense, the first two I didn't go on because the twins were not in school yet, the next two were due to limited numbers of tickets as they were going to plays. Last year, I have not excuse for that one. Or if I did have an excuse I forgot what it was.

My poor middle child. I am starting to understand why middle children complain about getting lost in the shuffle. Maybe they really do have a point.

Is it bad that I was excited the filed trip didn't happen today? I really didn't want to miss my class. But I really would have gone on the field trip.

This evening we went to a Toros game. I'd call it minor league basketball but that would be the incorrect term. I don't know what they call the NBA feeder teams. I could look it up, but honestly that would take more effort than I am willing to exert at this point in the evening.

It was nice to go to the game,. It was even nicer to get to visit with friends and see everyone's kids, and to see all the kids have fun together.

Charlotte is feeling much better, finally. She still has the occasional coughing fit but overall is back to her normal self. The antibiotics seem to have done the trick. Tonight is he first time I weeks that I have not spent over an hour in her room helping her go to sleep. I'm thrilled, but apparently, not getting to sleep any earlier because of it.

I spoke too soon. She just came to get me. I'm off to get some snuggles from my girl.


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