Thursday, February 06, 2014

Weird Weather, Weird Week, Wonderful Words

The weather has been strange this winter. We have had to late start days and tomorrow will make our third full bad weather day. Today was a delayed start day and it turned out all the precipitation, a trace in most places, ended up well south of us. Tomorrow may very we'll end up the same way. No school and no bad weather. Only time will tells us.

It doesn't help that we had teacher work days Monday through Wednesday of this week. I enjoyed our days off but I was happy to have them going back to school for the rest of the week. That means, my children spent exactly five hours in school this week.

Tonight I found this lovely surprise from one of my children, Eliza Claire. It says: "Before you sew I love you. Love, someone in your family. PS. One kid." Isn't it adorable? I think someone likes her daily Valentines. Today I put their hearts in their lunch boxes. I love that they are feeling special and are learning to do nice things for others in return.


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