Monday, February 03, 2014

Seeing the face of God

Our family attended church yesterday, like we do most Sundays. We worshipped as a family at the 8:15 service, again, like usual. I left in tears. Not bad tears. Tears of wonder. Tears of love. Tears of compassion. Tears of empathy.

Yesterday the wonderful gentleman playing the piano touched my heart. He is battling serious illness. This was to be his last Sunday to play for this service. His health is not good. Despite his health, and barely being able to sit at the piano, he played beautifully as always.

I was moved to tears, watching and listening to him play. I was witnessing what true sacrificial service looked like. I was also witnessing what pure worshipping of God looks like.

I thought of how easy it can be to skip church because of other commitments, being tired, having a cold, etc. I thought about how easy it is to be in the service but not be mentally present. I thought about all the ways I fall short of serving my God and worshiping Him.

I was brought to tears by the beauty of seeing such pure devotion and witness. I'm brought to tears as I write this and every time I think about worship yesterday. I am so very blessed that I got to be present for such an amazing and selfless gift.

Thank you Vince and Jan. I know it was not easy to be there yesterday but you were both an amazing blessing to me and I'm sure many, many others.


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