Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Dog!

I love this dog to death, but she sure can get into trouble. It seems to have become a pattern for her to get in trouble if we are not home in the evenings. I can leave her all day and no trouble, leave her in the evening for an hour and trouble city!

This particular night she knocked a stack of mail and papers off the counter and swiped Charlotte's valentine box from school and ate lots of candy.

When Charlotte was inventorying her candy, she realized that Pearl had eaten a small bag of M&Ms. She was so mad at her for eating her stuff, but burst into tears because she thought Pearl would die from eating the chocolate and it would all be Charlotte's fault. I assured her that it wasn't enough chocolate to hurt Pearl and that even if it was it was not her fault.

This bag used to contain a bunch of candy hearts. Pearl seemed to think they were extra tasty.


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