Monday, February 10, 2014

No Sleep for the Weary and other Sunday Happenings

Ugh! I just left Charlotte's room. She had a horrible time falling asleep tonight. She was stressed over not being able to sleep which just makes it that much harder. She kept falling asleep, snoring or talking, then waking and swearing she had not been to sleep at all, yet. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! We've got to find a better solution.

In the morning I have to decide whether to wake her at her regular time or let her sleep and then freak out when she wakes and realizes she is late for school.

This morning I left everyone the same message in their hearts. I hid them in their seats at the table knowing that everyone doesn't usually sit down to eat breakfast together on Sundays.

Ruby had breakfast first. She came back upstairs with a twinkle in her eye. She snuggled up to me and asked if she really was my favorite. I assured her that she was. She gave me the biggest smile and hug. It was adorable.

All went well until we came home from church and Charlotte found her heart. Everyone just happened to be in the kitchen, Charlotte read hers aloud, to herself. Immediately there were multiple exclamations about each person having that message. Eliza Claire declared that she found hers first so clearly she was the favorite. Ruby informed her that she had found hers before Eliza Claire and was therefore the favorite. I assured them all that they are all my favorites. Luckily, they all took it in good humor and today's message did not backfire.

Ruby's head is looking better today and is bandage free. Still a bit bruised but healing, I just realized that I forgot to put any Rawleighs on it before I sent her to bed. My Granny swore by this salve for everything, but especially bruises. Mom even reminded me today when I talked to her and I still didn't do it.

It was such a nice day that Ruby asked if we could eat dinner outside. She offered to clean and set the table. It was a lovely evening for dining outside. It's a good thing we got that end before the next arctic blast this week.

Eliza Claire has decided that since I am hiding surprises for her that she should hide surprises for me. Being seven she can not wait for me to find them. She always comes to give me a nudge in the right direction. Tonight, she left these treasures for me.

Her note says, "You're my star." She really knows how to make a mom feel special. Maybe, I'm her favorite!

Jenn - the favorite mom

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