Sunday, February 09, 2014

Typical Saturday

My kids went to bed super late last night because if the Toros game. I don't think anyone was asleep before 11:00.

Charlotte had an 8:00 am basketball game. I was not at that game. I was at home with the still sleeping children. And by that, I mean I was also still sleeping.

This was Miss Eliza Claire right before I woke her to get ready for her game.

After basketball games, we had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. I love having grandparents close by that can come to so many of the kids' activities. They even made it to Charlotte's early game, unlike Charlotte's mother.

Rehm was at the middle school for a band rehearsal. He missed lunch with the family. He was not happy.

This afternoon Ruby and Eliza Claire played with their friend Ellery. This seems to be the new Saturday afternoon norm. The three of them have a lot of fun together.

The kids all found their Valentine's hearts. The girls actually had to do a bit of searching for theirs today. Rehm told me his was too easy today. I explained that given
His tendency toward obliviousness I didn't think I needed to make his difficult. I expected him to complain about today's treat. I was surprised when I saw him walking around later in the day with it on his shirt.

Poor Ruby injured herself this evening. Somehow she managed to walk into a corner wall and cut her head. She had a small goose egg, as well. She is fine. As of bed time it was barely oozing when I changed the bandage. Yes, Cici, I've assessed her for head injury and she is fine.

Ruby is such an interesting child. She really doesn't like to do anything to call attention to herself. This sounds funny given her ability to throw a major fit at any time over anything or nothing. When she gets injured especially she will tell you she is completely gone, even when she isn't. Today she was furious with herself for doing something she deemed to be stupid. Since she thought it was stupid, she would not admit that it hurt, even though it was obvious it had to. It was three or four hours later before she finally admitted her head hurt and let me give her something for it.

To help her with feeling like she had made a stupid mistake Charlotte, Eliza Claire and I all told her stories of things we had run into that we should not have. Charlotte, a poll between two doors; Eliza Claire, a wall when sleep walking and a pole on the playground when running; me, a glass door. That did seem to make her feel a little better.

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Phyllis said...

Oh my, Ruby, I am so sorry you hurt your head. Hope you feel better today. Looks like you were a really good helper at church.