Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Am Over Homework

Please tell me my kids are not the only ones that come up with every excuse under the sun to put off homework. When I finally force them to do it I'm met with whining, screaming, and tears. It drives me crazy. And of course they swear they need me to help them with their homework. Meaning they want me to sit beside them the entire time they work on it, even when it is stuff they have the skills to do independently.

Of course, if I decide that I'm done fighting this battle and they can suffer the school consequences and don't make them do it, come bedtime they panic because their homework isn't finished. Drama ensues, magnified by tiredness. I hear how if homework isn't finished they will miss part of recess, have to sit at the special do your homework table at lunch, get a conduct code, etc.

When I asked today what we could do to get homework done with out all the drama, I was informed I needed to make it fun! I nipped that in the bud immediately. Nope. Not happening. Not my job. I will be available to listen to them read, answer questions, and help with things they don't understand. I will not be finding ways to make it fun. They can figure that out, it's not my job and I'm not taking that one on. Nope. No sirree. Not me.

I hate homework. There I said it. I know it has a purpose, but the screaming has to stop. I can't take it anymore.


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