Monday, February 10, 2014

Ruby and Rawleighs

Cici, I remembered the Rawleighs tonight. Ruby was hilarious! She kept repeating, "Is it really, really cold or is it burning?"

I told her that Granny would have sworn that Rawleighs would fix any bruise, cut or scrape. She wanted to know how it worked. I told her I didn't know but Granny was usually right about things like this.

As you can see she could not hold still for a picture. And yes, her shirt is wrong side out and backwards. I didn't bother mentioning it. She would have just shrugged and told me she didn't care.

Charlotte, later, complained about her carpet burn on her knee from Saturday's basketball game. I told her Rawleighs would fix it right up and slathered some on her,as well.

I told Charlotte that you bought me my can when I went to college. She wanted to know if I would buy her her own can of Rawleighs when she went to college. Then she asked where you could buy it. I told her maybe Websters.

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