Saturday, February 08, 2014

Photos From my Phone

Here are a few pictures from this week that I realize never made it to the blog.

Pearl making her self at home on the couch. She looks very uncomfortable to me. I guess she was too lazy/sleepy to knock one of the pillows in the floor, like usual.

A hidden Valentine's Day heart, with a message tucked inside. These have been a huge hit. Even Rehm seems to like them.

All that fruit was found in the fruit drawer, where it belongs. Unfortunately, it was frozen solid. Ugh! We had this problem several months ago. Michael replaced the thermostat and the problem stopped. I'm thinking a new fridge is in our future.

This is from Wednesday night dinner at church. Ruby doesn't choose to go to choir with her sisters. This week she helped Mrs. Kern make the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the children who don't like the hot dinner being served.

We were short servers that evening so Rehm and I helped serve on the main food line. It is a fun way volunteer with the boy. We get to spend a bit of time together and say hello to many of our diners.

Another Pearl shot. This time curled up in a chair looking more like a cat than a dog. I think she was cold. I need to find her clothes.

I'm not sure who is behind me and why they insisted on this silly picture. I think they were making me a moose.

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Phyllis said...

Fingers look like they belong to EC.

Enjoyed talking to Sweet Pea yesterday even though she was distracted.