Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Baptism Date Set

We finally have the date set for the baptism. Well actually the girls' baptism has been on the church calendar since before they were born. Baby A and Baby B Maham were scheduled to be baptized on Easter Sunday. However, I really wanted them to be baptized in the sanctuary by our Senior Pastor, which wasn't an option for Easter - for those of you that don't attend our church we have Easter services in two buildings and baptisms are only done at the very last morning service which is done it the fellowship building. So the new date for the baptism is March 11 at the 9:30 service.

Now the fun of finding just the right thing for the girls to wear can start in earnest. I always thought after Rehm and Charlotte were born that if we had more kids they would just wear their siblings outfits. And even after we found out we were expecting twins I thought that we'd end up with a boy and a girl and still be ok. But of course it couldn't be that easy or cheap. So we have to find them their very own thing. And I don't even have 2 months to do it! If you know of a good place to look for baptism gowns let me know.

Mom and Dad, I hope you can make it for 3/11. If it helps the kids have spring break the week afterward and would love to see you!

It has been a long day of meetings, working out, working and just being a mommy so I'm off for a little TV time and bed.

Hope everyone had a great day!

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