Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend Wackies

Hmmm. What happened in the the land of Mayhem?

Rehm had his first basketball game. Unfortunately they lost 24-4. Rehm shot once and hit the rim, but alas no basket. I have to say this was the cutest, funniest thing ever! And of course in the craziness to take the whole family to the gym (to workout) and be at the game by 11:00, I forgot the camera and video camera!

Huey, um I mean Michael went to an Aggie basketball game with several of his friends from college. The Aggies won. Whoop. Michael had a kid free 24 hours. And a bunch of college kids got to laugh at the "old guys."

Sunday brought church and work and a fun get together with friends. Since Huey, um I mean Michael was not home, I had to get all of the kids ready and out the door for church. My goal was to leave by 7:45 however it was 8:09 when we pulled out of the driveway. At 7:40 I thought we just needed coats and strapped in seats. How did that take 25 minutes? Well it started with sending the three year old upstairs to get something...

After church I loaded everyone up to go to our friends' house for lunch. Michael met us there. We had a great time and lunch was fabulous - Kat, I really do want that recipe! After lunch Ruby woke with a nasty diaper and threw up all over me. So time to head home after apologizing for exposing everyone to the stomach bug! Sorry!

Ruby is still not feeling well and hasn't kept anything down since 11:00 am. My poor girl. I talked to the pedi - have I mentioned how much I love him? He is the absolute best! He said she should be ok until morning but to call then if she still isn't keeping anything down.

BTW, did you know you can make your own Pedialyte? Kathryn taught me this trick today. And since I'm cheap I'm all for making my own. The recipe is in Baby 411.

I wonder how this week will turn out, I have already canceled my childcare reservation at the gym for tomorrow, bummer. Hopefully I can get Charlotte to dance class. I wonder which kid will start throwing up next? Hmm, I wonder how long the virus lasts? I wonder how many loads of laundry I'll do this week? It should be fun.

Excuse the typos - I did this one handed while holding a sick baby.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm sorry if you saw us today and we got you sick!


Sherri said...

Any chance that it is the antibotic for the ear infection? There is a wicked bug going around though. Give her a kiss from Aunt Sherri

R. said...

A 3 year old GIRL going upstairs for something and delaying the whole process of leaving- yeah, that sounds familiar!