Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Starting to get a little stir crazy!

No school again! Everyone is home for day three. The roads are mostly just wet, but with the temperature in the upper 20's and ice on everything else we are staying put one more day. We are all getting sick of each other and ready to interact some non-family members. Hopefully we will all get out of the house tomorrow - I still expect a delayed start for school in the morning.

So far today we have watched TV, had "school" (this consisted of some work sheets and melting ice by various methods), played a matching game and are now having movie time. Rehm has obviously got his fill of TV as he was not interested in movie time. Granted instead he is playing computer games, so it isn't like he decided to read or do something more imaginitive - I didn't want anyone to assume he had loftier goals. I think he just wanted to do something with out Charlotte.

Charlotte has a new game. She calls it babysitter. She brings her baby and diaper bag to me and proceeds to give me all the instructions of how to take care of her baby. It is very obvious she is a first time mom because her list of instructions takes about 10 minutes. Then she tells me to call her on her "cell-o" phone if I need her. Her number is 311-611-1211. I wonder where she came up with that but had to laugh that it had the right number of digits. When she needs a sitter it is so she can go to "a meeting" but she is always going to be back "really late."

Eliza has been babbling a "nee, nee" sound for a couple of weeks - it seems to mean "I need something" and has earned her the nick name NeeNee, Today she has started babbling a "da, da" or "ba, ba" I can't tell for sure as it is in a really growly voice. But she is obviously happy and is telling her toys all about it.

Ruby learned to growl about a week ago and it is really funny when she starts up. She sounds really mad but usually she isn't. She is back to waking a couple of times during the night. She is a princess sleeper just like Charlotte. I don't know if she is cold or has an ear infection this time. But if conditions aren't PERFECT she will wake screaming multiple times a night.

Ruby and Eliza are eating some solids now. So far Eliza likes everything and Ruby likes everything but peas. I think they are too thick for her. She will eat them if they are mixed with something else. They have started a few finger foods like wagon wheels, cherrios, and graham crackers. They do the best with the wagon wheels but we are out of those right now and obviously haven't been able to get to the store. Ah tomorrow.

Here are the girls enjoying lunch today. It consisted of Peas and Carrots mixed together, oatmeal, cherrios, and water.

Once again it is nap time and then time to fold laundry. Oh joy my most favorite thing in the world to do. I just get up in the morning thinking I can't wait to do some laundry! Hopefully I'll have TWO loads today! I sure hope you can all hear the sarcasm in my voice. After laundry I hope to put together Picante Chicken Pasta Soup (mom it is in the new church cookbook) for our dinner.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

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