Friday, January 26, 2007

One Hundred and Seven Ears

For the kindergarten set today was a very exciting day! It was the 100th day of school! To celebrate each child had to bring 100 of something. What did our kindergartener come up with? No not pennies or paper clips or rocks. Rehm took 100 Cheeto's! Yes, Cheeto's! However I don't believe he came home with them...Hmm, I guess someone had a good snack. I'm hoping he shared a few with his friends. Actually tonight at dinner Rehm informed us that he actually took 102 Cheeto's. So I don't know if he truly miscounted one of the times or if a couple broke giving him the extras. Or maybe he is just an overachiever and had to go above and beyond the assignment.

Ruby and Eliza are seven months old today! How in the world is that possible? Where have the last seven months gone? So what are the girls up to?

Ruby: Weighs 19 lbs., 4 oz. She is rolling both directions with ease. She is not a big eater and has definite food dislikes. She likes to make a grunting, growly noise. She is very active and wants to be able to really move. She also has the "princess and the pea" syndrome. Any little thing that is off will affect her sleep - one degree too cold in the house she screams, a noise, she screams, any kind of illness she screams. She is sitting up on her own for 30 seconds or so at a time. And she will grab anything and everything she can get her little hands on. She loves to give kisses. She is very smiley.

Eliza: Weighs 20 lbs., 11 oz She is rolling both directions but only back to stomach easily. She will eat anything and everything. She is constantly "talking." She is happy to lay/sit in one spot for long periods of time and observe. She will sleep through anything and everything. She is sitting up on her own for 30 seconds or so. She loves to laugh at her brother and sister, especially when they give her zerberts.

Today I took both girls to the doctor. Both have ear infections, AGAIN! And Ruby was currently taking an antibiotic - it just wasn't working (she did have a 2 day break thanks to the stomach bug). Eliza had both ears infected, Ruby only one. Ruby had to get another antibiotic injection and continue her oral meds, Eliza got a prescription for oral meds. Ruby has an appointment with the ENT on Wednesday to schedule tubes. I have a call in to the ENT to see if they can also see Eliza at the same time. Last night, Eliza slept through the night without a peep. Ruby was up from 2 to 3:30 and then in our bed for the rest of the night. I hope and pray we can get these silly ears taken care of soon. I feel so bad for my girls.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Rehm has a basketball game at 8:00 am. And has pictures BEFORE the game. That means someone has to get him there by 7:10ish. Any bets on if he is on time?

Have a great weekend.


Mom said...

Loved the title...after reading I realized I never discovered 107 what?


Brenna and Molly said...

Por babies - hope those ears get better. Never a dull moment with your gang, huh?

We still have a few more weeks until 100 Days. Brenna always enjoys the fun activities her school does. Maybe I'll suggest Cheetos now!