Friday, January 12, 2007

Not the Best Mom Today

OK so I said I was going to update this once a week but a few interesting things happened today I thought I would share.

Michael came home this evening to find the girls (AKA Ruby and Eliza) sitting on the couch against the back pillows playing with toys. I however was not on the couch but in the kitchen (standing maybe 10 feet away) working on dinner. He walked in and said "Um, are you OK with this?" My response was "Mostly, though I know I shouldn't be." Oh, the things we do when we have more than one child. Nobody fell off the couch or was harmed in any way and they are six months old. I told him next time I'd at least put a few pillows on the floor, just in case.

Earlier in the day Charlotte was helping me take ornaments off the Christmas tree and told me she had turned the monitor down a little. The girls were napping. I went about my business intending to go check it in a minute. Well, I got dinner assembled (lasagna), talked to my mom and kept Charlotte out of trouble. About 45 minutes after she turned it down I remembered to check it. Needless to say, both girls were crying and not very happy with Mommy. Hopefully they hadn't been awake too long. I guess the good news is I got a lot accomplished during nap time. And tomorrow I'll remember to put the monitor where Charlotte can't reach it.

Happy Weekend!

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Shelly said...

All I can say is LOLOL.