Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's Snowing!

About 11:30 Michael came down stairs to tell us it was snowing. At that point it was more sleet than snow but there were some nice large snowflakes mixed in. It has been doing something ever since. The last time I looked out it was just snowing nice big flakes. The side walks and street are mostly white at this point. Rehm and Charlotte have been out to play once and are ready to go out again. They want to build a snow whale. I told them that with the amount of snow we have so far it will be more of a minnow than a whale.

We only see snow in any amount every 3 to 5 years so the kids are in heaven. To hear them talk you would think we had gotten at least 6 inches of snow. Oh how different it is in Texas. Not only am I raising suburb kids, I'm raising them where a dusting of snow is "AMAZING."

A baby is crying, more later


Brenna and Molly said...

Well you've had more snow than us! We're getting the cold snap now but not a flake to date. We do have our snow pants and sleds ready though because we sure hope we get at least one good storm (read: snow day off school!) before winter escapes!

Shelly said...

Brenna is demanding that it snow here. We've been just 5-10 miles south of that imaginary freeze line. It's only 34 here and while HISD is closed and all other major schools north of us are either closed or on delayed start, we're open for business as usual.

Enjoy your dusting. More today from what I'm hearing!