Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Can't sit still

Hmmm. What have I done today? I'm not really sure. All I know is I haven't sat down except to feed babies. Well except for lunch, but I was also feeding babies then. So I really haven't sat down longer than that.

Let's see. I took Charlotte to school. Drove to Babies R Us. Sat in the van while the girls finished their nap. I used this time to catch up on some work and get ready for our committee meeting tomorrow. Went inside, looked at car seats, bought the girls a shirt each and some sippy cups. Put everyone back in the car and went to our church's preschool to get applications for next year.

Yes we are going back next year. That is the only way all three girls can be at the same school as Charlotte's current school does not take babies until 18 months and the girls will be 14 months at the start of school. I know some of you are saying, but you had Charlotte there so she could go to private kindergarten. You would be right, but for now we are thinking it is better to wait and let her be the one of the oldest in the class. If, at the end of next year, we feel differently then we will be scrambling to get her a slot in a good kindy program - I'm sure you'll hear all about it. But for now it works best for our family to go back to our church's program. Hopefully we'll still feel that way when we are doing the drive next fall (it takes about 40 minutes to get there in the morning due to traffic). Hey, maybe the new toll roads will help with all that traffic! Yeah, I know I'm dreaming...

OK back to my day. I met my friend Meredith for lunch. It was a real treat for us to have lunch with only 2 kids in tow as when we normally get together we have all 7 of our kids. Which of course is not very conducive for having adult conversation. Thanks for lunch Meredith I really enjoyed it. We need to make it a regular event.

After lunch I picked Charlotte up from school. Another mom at school and I have a little system. She has a 9 month old. So one of us will stand in the parking lot and watch all the little ones in the cars while the other one takes her three year old in or picks her up, then we switch and when everyone is dropped off or picked up we can leave without ever having to get any of the babies out of the car. It is so nice. And when she isn't there some of the other mom's from Charlotte's class are nice enough to walk Charlotte in for me.

Once we got home. I spent the 30 minutes until time to go get Rehm making dinner. Charlotte helped while Ruby and Eliza played on the floor. We made split pea soup. Charlotte enjoyed picking through the peas and rinsing them for me.

Rehm brought home his homework for the week today and decided to do all of it in one sitting. His big task was to write as many words ending in -ig and -ed as he could think of. It took him about 20 minutes or and he learned tow new words - zed, wed. His other home work was writing numbers and then a page of completing sentences.

Of course after that it was time to finish laundry and dinner. After dinner bath time madness starts. When it is over it is time to clean up the kitchen, make breakfasts, lunches, and bottles. Tonight I got the added bonus of picking up so Maria can come tomorrow to clean. I love cleaning day. I love having the house really clean for at least a few hours before the kids start destroying it again. Oh and after cleaning up I got to go move car seats around in the van to make sure one of the new ones I want will actually fit behind the driver's seat. Luckily it will.

Oh, and the best news of the day! No one threw up on me today! Woohoo! Hmm I guess that says a lot about my standards when all it takes to make a "good" day is not getting thrown up on...

Off to pack work out clothes for tomorrow.

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