Saturday, January 13, 2007

Henry is Injured

Luckily it is a minor injury and he should be better with the replacement his bummer. We were rear ended on the way to grandma's tonight. No one was hurt and none of the kids even knew what happened until we told them. Now the joys of having the repair done and dealing with insurance start.

Rehm was very funny, he thought Henry was going to have to be replaced with a new van. He was very concerned about Henry and how we would get home, etc. After getting to Grandma's he looked at the bumper and couldn't even see where the problem was - the crack and scrapes are visible but they are very minor. Needless to say he was much less concerned about the whole thing then. Charlotte has not mentioned anything about the incident since it happened and I think Eliza slept through all of the excitement.

For those of you confused, Henry is our Honda Odyssey. Rehm named him when we first purchased him. His friend Lael also has a Odyssey and her family named theirs Homer for obvious reasons. However, Rehm assumed that Homer was named after the Homer on the Hungry, Hungry, Hippo game so our Odyssey had to be named after on of the other Hippos. Thus, the name Henry. At the same time our Accord got named Harry (yes another Hippo). Henry is talked about as if he were a person and not a van. For about the first six months that we owned Henry, I told the kids he was lactose intolerant because I didn't want them to have their milk sippy cups in him. He has since outgrown that problem :)

Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be uneventful.

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Shelly said...

Poor Henry, but I'm so glad no one else was hurt!