Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ack! Two Weeks!

I can not believe it has been two weeks since I last blogged!  It hasn't been due to lack of subject matter, that is for sure. Things have been as crazy as they normally are - maybe crazier

It literally makes me a bit crazy when I go even a few days without blogging. So what happened?

Part of the problem is our current computer situation. My laptop is now a desktop. The screen on the laptop is useless. The kids desktop was useless so the solution was to hook a monitor to the laptop and make them a new desktop. Unfortunately that means I now have a desktop, too and I have to share it with the kiddos.

Then ther is just the crazy life we seem to have. My parents were here for two weeks. There was a major holiday - I have lots of yummy recipes to share. We got and assembled a new playscape. The water heater went out.  The cats had parasites and had to be treated - giving meds to a cat is a horrendous job. Doing it to two cats without help, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. The dog has been having issues. And half the family (me, Charlotte, and Michael) has been sick.

Yeah, there are several blog posts to be created from the last two weeks. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon. This week is crazy. So dont expect too much too soon.   I'll do my best but I make no promises.

I'm testing blogging by email as I can't use blogger on my iPhone and I'm too lazy and cold to get out of bed and go sit at my "desktop" to blog. Now if Santa would only bring me a new laptop, I might be back to regular blogging business.


PS. I'm on my third try with this post. Getting the pictures and formatting right has a learning curve. It would have been quicker and easier to use the silly "desktop."


Jill said...

Hope things get back to a better normal soon.

I am behind on my blogging as well, lack of motivation.

Feel better.

Jenn said...

Grr. The pictures still aren't working right. The first time I posted I got the picks but lost the second half of the post. Both subsequent attempts have produced the whole post but no pictures. I give up for tonight. I'll try again later.

Jenn said...

Thanks Jill. Unfortunately, I think this is normal. Hope you find your motivation soon I love you blog and keeping up with Cooper.