Saturday, December 12, 2009

A first

Ruby and Eliza Claire went to the movie theater for the first time today. And Charlotte got to see and sit with her good friend Sloan from school. Much fun was had by all.

Ruby and Eliza Claire called the previews commercials. When the previews were over, they thought it was time to leave. They wanted to know why it was so dark. It was so cute to see them take it all in.

When the frogs jumped in the water at one point in the movie, Eliza Claire announced loudly, "frogs are really good swimmers" in her very matter of fact way. In the next scene when one of the frogs says "it's not slime, it's mucus!" for about the third time Rehm, pipes up with, "and it necessary to keep them alive!" Ah, my little budding scientists!

At another point in the movie, something unexpected happened and both Ruby and Charlotte screamed. It was too cute!

About an hour into the movie all three girls had to go to the restroom. In leaving, Ruby got loud and that turned into a full fledged fit in the restroom. One lady in the restroom, probably in her
40s, thought it was pretty funny especially how Ruby didn't like any of the choices she was being given. Another lady, in her 80s, was not amused and kept giving me dirty looks. After about 5 minutes, and sending the other girls back into the theater, she decided to go potty and quit screaming so we could go back in. Of course, we had missed a couple of pivotal scenes.

All in all, they enjoyed the experience, though a few scenes scared Eliza Claire a bit. If you ask her she'll tell you she didn't like it, but she really did.


PS. In case you can't see it in the picture, we saw the Princess and the Frog. It was a very cute movie and all six of us enjoyed it. There were a few comments here and there aimed at the adults that didn't add anything to the movie that I thought should have been left out. There were a few scenes that really scared the little girls but it wasn't, too much. Everyone from age 3 to almost 40 enjoyed the movie. Rehm has already asked if we can buy it when the DVD comes out.

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