Saturday, December 05, 2009

God in the Details

Sometimes I think the mundane things about my life are too small to be on God's RADAR screen. I'll think God is just there for the big things - job loss, death, serious illness, etc. But then I'm reminded that he tells me that he knows the number of hairs on my head and that I am more important than the flowers (yeah, I'm paraphrasing here because I'm too lazy to go look up the scripture and I hate to admit no longer have these memorized). If how many hairs are on my head matters then the details and mundane parts of my life must matter too.

Last week is a great example. The kids were gone with Grandma and Michael to the Chuy's parade. My parents were both in the house doing stuff. I went out in the yard to spend some time with the dog. He was not doing well at all and I just wanted to spend some quiet time with him. I sat there for about 10 minutes just hanging out with the dog. Then I noticed a drip coming from a pipe on the house. I knew immediately that this was not a good thing. I knew that Michael and my dad had replaced hoses on the washer the day before and there is a drain pipe in the floor under them. So I wondered if one of the new hoses was not tight and leaking. My other thought was the water heater that we knew was on its last legs and going to need replacing soon.

I took a picture of it and texted it to Michael asking him if he knew where the other end of this pipe was. Well, I thought it was Michael. The response I got back said "Dallas says it is either the condensation pipe for the A/C or the water heater." I was confused until I looked and realized I'd texted my sister in law, Cathi, instead of my husband. I then texted my husband and headed upstairs to check the washer and water heater. When I opened the door to the water heater, there was an inch or so of water sitting in the pan. It was leaking! It was within an inch of leaking out of the pan. I have a two story house and the water heater is upstairs. Another day or two and I would have had a big mess.

Michael and Dad replaced the water heater and all is good.

But here is the thing, I never sit in the back yard. I especially, never sit in the back yard facing the house. There is absolutely no reason I should have been there that day, sitting there to see the pipe dripping. I could look at it as a fluke, or fate. But I choose to believe that God aligned things such that I would see that drip that morning. I guess he knew the stress of a water heater leaking on the second floor of the house would have sent me over the edge and straight to the loony bin! I choose to believe that God is in the details of my life. That even the small things that happen to me matter to Him. And I am so thankful He watches over me an my family.


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Shelly said...

Beautiful story. I happen to believe you are exactly right! Those little moments are God speaking to us. He knows what we need and takes care of us, even if we don't always notice or think to give Him the credit.