Monday, December 28, 2009

The Latest in Cat Fashion

You can't really see the color here but can see how they fit

No, those are not painted nails on the cats - I don't have that much time on my hands. They are Soft Paws. They are plastic tips that glue on their clipped claws to keep them from destroying things like my leather recliner that is sporting a few small nicks and now, a lovely cat deterrent. Since Phineas and Isabella look so much a like, I purposely ordered a package that had two different colors to give everyone another easy way to know who was who.

The package cost $22 including shipping. There are enough tips for five applications, since I'm not putting them on the claws up on the side of their paw, otherwise it would be enough for four applications. They are supposed to stay on four to six weeks. We will see if they really do.

I waited several weeks to put them on as I wanted the cats to get less skittish and more used to me messing with their paws. I've been making an effort to massage their paws and clip their claws with some frequency.

I applied the soft paws without any help. I waited until the cats were snoozing and the children were quiet (watching TV). I got three or four on each cat before they got feed up with me. But over the course of an hour I got them all on. Phineas has tried to bite his off a few times but seems to be getting used to them. Isabella doesn't seem to mind them, though maybe the cake incident is her way of telling me what she really thinks. It was funny to watch them try to climb their scratching post last night, it took a bit of adjusting since they didn't have the same traction as before.

An added bonus that I would never have paid for, or gone to the hassle for is how cute they are. The girls love them and want to know what other colors they come in. It has only been 24 hours but as of now I'd say we will be purchasing these regularly in the future.

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