Sunday, December 27, 2009

White Elephant Gift Review

Michael received the Turn Your Drink Can into a Bottle Tops at a white elephant gift exchange at work. Yes, they are "as seen on TV." No, I'm not really sure what the point is beyond having something for people to buy for white elephant exchanges.

The kids, Rehm especially, were very intrigued with these. After determining that Michael intended to keep them, I decided to try them for the sole purpose of doing a product review here on the blog. Michael took some of them to work with him. He says he hasn't tried them yet. He is waiting until there are more people in the office.

As I told Michael, before trying them, I expect that while goofey and not really necessary that they would probably come in handy as I like to set an unfinished drink in the fridge and they would cut down on the spillage if knocked over. I also admitted that since I take a drink in the car with me they would probably be useful for transporting the drink around with me on the occasions where I don't finish it during the drive. Then, I admitted that they were so goofy and I'd feel like such a dork using them that I would probably let that outweigh their usefulness and not use them.

Did I mention that my husband just said he was waiting for more people to be in the office before trying them?

I did try one this week. It did snap easily onto the can as promised. It did keep my soda from spilling, even when Rehm turned it completely upside down. It did come off easily by simply just squeezing the can as advertised. I did feel like a complete dork the entire time it was on my can and I have not used one since. The kids were completely fascinated with the blasted thing the whole time I was using it.

Would I buy this product for myself? No. Would I buy it for a gift? Only if it were a gag. Could this product be useful? Yes. If you would like to try one, we have twelve, let me know and I'll get one to you.


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stace-c said...

So, is this the gift Michael won at OUR office party? If so, I believe I am responsible for its purchase (unless some other person had the same thought I did). So glad it is...umm...appreciated ;)