Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I bought dried dates at the grocery store this week. Can you buy dates
that aren't dried? I honestly don't know. This is my first foray into
the date world. I'm not even sure why I bought them.

This afternoon I was packing Ruby and Eliza Claire's snack fir school
tomorrow while Rehm worked on homework. He looked up and saw me
putting dates in baggies.

Rehm: What are those?

Me: Dates

Rehm: Are they good?

Me: I don't know. I've never had one.

Rehm: you haven't? So why don't you try it?

Me: do you want one?

Rehm: No, that's ok, you can try them and tell me if they're good.

Me: I'll try them when you do.

Rehm: I'm not trying them!

About this time Ruby walks in the kitchen

Ruby: What are those?

Me: Dates. Would you like to try one?

Ruby: Sure!

Me: How is it?

Ruby: Yummy!

Then Eliza Claire and Charlotte walk in and want to know what Ruby is
eating. They also both try them. Neither like them. All the girls
leave. Rehm looks at me and asks, "so are you going to try one now?"
My reply, "are you?"

Yeah, I know I should have tried the date and pretended to like it.
Those of you who know me well enough to know my food issues
understand. I'm not sure tring it and running to the bathroom to puke
would have been any better of an example. Knowing me there was at
least a 50% chance of thar outcome. Oh well, maybe the next new food
will inspire me to taste it.

And yes, I felt like I was in an old life cereal commercial. I'm so
glad I'm raising at least one Mikey.



Shelly said...

You don't say what made you buy the dates in the first place! I've never tried them myself. Are you going to taste them after the kids are out of the house? Ruby likes them, the other two girls don't... does Michael like them? Can't believe I have so many questions over this!

Phyllis said...

Found this comment on fresh dates...Now I feel like I have learned something today.

just by chance, I had a similar experience and did not know what to do with the fresh, yellow dates I bought.
I stumbled on this web site and was surprised to note that nobody had any real advice for you.
So I wrote to a date farm in California and asked questions similar to yours. Here is part of the answer I got today:
The yellow crisp date is a Barhee. They are common amongst Arabs, Chinese and Indians. They are best kept cool and eaten as is. If you set them out on the counter they will ripen and turn brown. Then they will be very soft with a different taste. Not to be confused when they are tree ripened and very sweet.
For a first time date person I would not recommend the yellow. Look for a soft fresh Medjool. If it has a slightly moist outer-coating it is last years crop which was kept in storage and steamed to make it soft. The flavor will not be as good as a fresh Medjool. I would not recommend those either. Buy fresh. This years Medjool crop is being harvest right now.
Not to make it any more confusing to you but we grow about 14 different varieties. Each has a different texture, appearance and taste. Some have invert sugar and some cane sugar. Within each single variety of date you can have 6 different taste. All depends on how long they have been on the palm and it's sugar content.

Brenna and Molly said...

I've had dates chopped up in various foods but never ate one in its entirety until recently. Dean likes them a lot, Molly said they were okay and Brenna wouldn't try them. I thought they were okay.

Karen said...

I admit that I haven't tried dates, but finally shared a pomegranate with the boys. Wasn't bad... the boys loved it!

Jenn said...

Oh, i like pomagranets. They're just too much work with all those seeds.

Jenn said...
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Keri said...

I tried a date once in my life and did end up running to the bathroom to throw it up. YUCK! Ironically enough I love my mom's date nut bread that she makes every Christmas.
I can't blame Rehm for being cautious, dates look disgusting!