Sunday, December 13, 2009

Taking matters into her own hands

Alternately titled: Getting the last word.

Ruby asked me to move these things out of her room at bedtime, after lights out. I told her we would do it on the morning. Apparently, that was not a good enough answer as she moved them into the doorway of my room!

I think there is a little more to Ruby's message to me than "see I did it myself." I think she wanted to make sure I knew she was annoyed by my answer. Maybe not, but it is Ruby we are talking about.

So is this progress over pitching a fit? I wonder what she would do if I moved them back in her room for her to find in the morning? That just might make her head explode.

Edited to add: The first thing Ruby said to me this morning was, "did you see that I moved the things out of my room?" Yeah, I saw that! It was kind of hard to miss since, you know, I couldn't even walk in my room to go to bed with out falling all over it.

My suspicions were confirmed, she was making much more of a statement and not just moving things out of her room. And she wanted to make sure I heard that non-vocal statement loud and clear. Makes me wish I had moved all of it back in her room last night.

If this is what she does at three, just imagine life at my house in about 10 years.


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