Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

This is our one and only Christmas tree this year. I blame the cats for us not putting up a big tree. But honestly life has just been too crazy lately for me to be able to deal with dragging out the tree, and boxes of ornaments and all the other decorations.

This is my compromise. When we went to buy the tree I thought the three foot tree was too dinky but was concerned the four foot tree wouldn't fit in the space. I gambled and bought the four foot tree. I was right it was too tall. Luckily a few whacks with the hack saw and voila it now fits!

For the first week it was up there were no ornaments and it never got turned on because I couldn't reach the plug with out dragging out a stool. The ornaments on it are just the ones the kids have come home with from school and activities. I still haven't pulled anything out. With the lights on and the presents around it it doesn't look too dinky in pictures, but in real life it is still pretty sad. Luckily it is enough to pacify the kids and mitigate my guilt about not really decorating this year.

Someone please remind me to find the stockings before the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve. I know they are stored in Rehm's closet and don't want to be trying to find them while trying not to wake him.


PS. Yes Mom, I need to dig out a Christmas tree skirt as well.


Phyllis said...

Don't forget that the littles and you have a wrapped gift in your closet. I didn't even think about the tree skirt.

At least your tree looks much better

Phyllis said...

Post should have least your tree looks much better than mine!

Shelly said...

Personally, I think it's pretty darned GENIUS of you to do the smaller tree in the niche. It's different, and I guarantee you the kids will remember it NOT as the year Mom caved, but as the cool year we had the little tree and wasn't it pretty and neat!!

I think it's beautiful.

Now go back and watch the ending of Charlie Brown Christmas. It just needed some LOVE. Your house is full of love.