Sunday, January 12, 2014


We had lunch with the grandparents today. Bingo was the pre-lunch entertainment.

Everyone was enthralled. You would have thought they were playing for prizes or money. They weren't.

I love continuing my family's Sunday family lunch tradition. I think it is good for all three generations involved.

When we left it was raining. This is how my kids reacted.

In other happenings today, I was very proud of Charlotte. She helped Michael lead worship at the 8:15 service. Getting up in front of 60 or more people can be daunting. Charlotte read the call to worship and the prayer of adoration. These are not easy things to read when you are ten and have a learning disability. She totally rocked it.

Eliza Claire came through the house practicing her zombie walk. According to her the key to an authentic zombie walk is dragging your right foot. Dragging your left foot is a dead give away that you are a zombie imposter.

The girls spent the entire afternoon running around outside with the neighborhood kids. I love that Texas winters typically allow for lots of outdoor time. I guess it partially makes up for the six months of the year that being outside is unbearable.

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