Monday, January 06, 2014

Year in Review

I asked the kids to fill out theses work sheets for the start of the year. I was surprised that none of them complained about doing them.

Name:  Rehm
Age: 12
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Food:  Bacon Alfredo
Favorite Activity: Playing Minecraft
Favorite Book:  The Lord of the Ring Series
Greatest lesson learned:  That girls are not all crazy and it is possible to love one.
Hardest thing this year: 7th Grade
Favorite Memory:  The New Year's Eve party this year.
What I loved about 2013:  Johnny Football
Want to learn:  I don't know
Want to get better at: Shooting
Goals for 2014: Get A's in all subjects and stay first chair

Eliza Claire's got trampled, or rather slept on by the dog. So it is a bit harder to read. I love that she was practicing her cursive "M" on the top of the page.

Name: Eliza
Favorite Color:  Red
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Activity:  Sports and reading
Favorite Book: Magic Tree House Series
Greatest lesson learned: Science:  Learning solids and Reading: The New Field
Hardest thing this year:  Writing: Stories
Favorite Memory:  Playing Softball
What I loved about 2013:  Staying with my family:  Mom, Dad, me, Ruby, Rehm, Charlotte
Want to learn:  Cursive
Want to get better at:  Being nice to Charlotte
Goals for 2014:  Reading at the end of grade reading level.

I was thrilled to see that Charlotte wrote in cursive. And her "looking forward to 2014" cracked me up and warmed my heart all at the same time.

Name: Charlotte
Age: ten years old
Favorite Color:  Neon Green
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Activity: Reading
Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Greatest lesson learned: How to Cook
Hardest thing this year: Taking care of my ears (she got her ears pierced for her birthday)
Favorite Memory:  Getting my ears pierced
What I loved about 2013:  Spending time with my family
Want to learn:  How to get along with Eliza
Want to get better at:  Get along with Eliza
Goals for 2014:  Get along with Eliza

I thought it was cute that Ruby made a place to write her name at the top of the page. I'm sure she did that before reading anything on the page. She worked diligently on hers and did not ask for help. It is hard to read but I was proud of her for doing it with a good attitude and independently.

Name:  Ruby
Age: 7
Favorite Color:  Neon Pink
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Activity: Art
Favorite Book: Tea for Ruby
Greatest lesson learned: Cursive
Hardest thing this year: Reading and Writing
Favorite Memory:  My Birthday!
What I loved about 2013: Miss Zuniga
Want to learn:  How to do a hand stand
Want to get better at:  Writing
Goals for 2014:  To not get my letters backwards


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