Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Day

We has sleet overnight and below freezing temperatures. I, like my kids was hoping for a snow day.

We got our wish and spent the morning lounging around in our pajamas watching tv. It was the best day ever - according to the kids.

Of course the kids spent about a half a second outside running around admiring the ice. During that time Ruby managed to run into a tree with her face. I never have heard the full story on how that happened.

That lasted until lunch when I informed them that chores had to be done before more free time. Wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued.

One child laid in the laundry room crying for over a half hour and then moved to her room for more of the same.

Another hid in the restroom for over an hour watching TED talks. When reprimanded, he tried to excuse it because it was educational.

Another insisted that I sit in her room and help because she couldn't do it by herself. Everything I mentioned that needed to be done was met with whining.

The last child, bopped up to her room, cleaned it, came downstairs and did her other chore and was done in 20 minutes.

After the drama I made rainbow loom bracelets with two of the girls while Rehm made chocolate chip cookies.

Of course all of this occurred while Michael was trying to work from home and had multiple calls. At one point he was using the home phone for a conference call and Ruby interrupted trying to call her friend Jolie. Oops!

All in all it ended up being a pretty good snow day.


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