Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Guy

I'm shaking my head about this guy. This man I chose to marry. I'm doubting the wisdom of that decision at this moment.

I was in the middle of a discussion of one of the kid's district assessment results and a conversation I'd had with her teachers today. You know, one of those important "how do we help our child reach her full potential" conversations.

This man I married burst out with an exclamation about said child choosing a slice of pepperoni pizza for dinner, over cheese. Making sure his son, who told him his sister never ate pepperoni pizza, saw that she did indeed chose pepperoni. He announced that he was FOY - Father of the Year for saving pepperoni pizza for her! And, topped it off with an exuberant "Bam, what!"

His son informed his dad that he was watching too much Disney Channel.

The education conversation was completely forgotten. I'm glad "Bam, what!" Gets you Father of the Year and being concerned about their academic success makes you the boring parent. Yep, shaking my head.


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