Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today was our second day this year to have school closed due to weather. This time the call announcing the delay did not come until I had already woken everyone and made breakfast. I made lunches being optimistic that they really would end up at school. An hour or so later school was canceled and those lunches were quickly stored in the fridge so no one would eat them and i wouldn't have to make lunches tomorrow. Yep, I'm sneaky and lazy like that.

Then I came upstairs to catch up on Downton Abbey and promptly fell asleep.
I slept until 1:00pm. I have no idea what the kids did during that three to four hour chunk of time. I do know they fed themselves Mac and cheese for lunch and were even nice enough not to eat it all so I wouldn't even have to make my own lunch.

Before I could make dinner I had to run to the store. I needed milk and bread. I thought it was very humorous that I actually ran out of both during the Snowpocolypse.

Of course when I returned from the store and told the kids that the electronics had to be turned off and homework and chores had to be done things got ugly, fast. I seemed to be short on patience and they seemed to be short on action. Not a good combination. At this point I was cursing the Snowpocolypse, dreading February break and wondering how in the world we would ever survive summer.

We received a letter from the superintendent apologizing for not call school off more quickly. I kind of feel bad for the school officials today. The only way they weren't going to receive a mountain of complaints was if the had called off school yesterday afternoon and we had woken up this morning to three feet of snow. Any other combination and someone was going to be annoyed that it was called off too soon, not called off soon enough, etc.

Luckily, we all survived. The weather cleared up, thank goodness, which means I don't have to be the horribly,mean,slacker mom tomorrow.


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