Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random Saturday Happenings

Ugh! I just had a post completely written. I needed to add pictures and it was done. When I tried to do so the app crashed and I lost the post. Grrrr! I'll take a stab at rewriting but I'm sure it won't be as witty and chatty as the first go round.

Charlotte and Eliza Claire both had basketball games this morning. The Ninjas and the Smurfs both had good games. Charlotte had a really nice basket toward the end of the game. I think this is her first basket of the season. I enjoyed hanging out on the sidelines with the other three kiddos at each game.

This evening Ruby and Eliza Claire had a bit of a misunderstanding. Ruby came running toward Eliza Claire to giver her a hug. For some reason Eliza Claire thought she was trying to hit her. Eliza Claire pushed Ruby who fell and hit her head. Both girls ran crying to their rooms. All is well now and no one was injured.

I was working on the back of one of my quilts tonight. I finished the front a few weeks ago. I decided to use the scraps from the front to make the back. I had it laid out on the floor trying to decide what to add next. Ruby and Eliza Claire came in and wanted to use it to play hopscotch on. They said it looked just like a hopscotch board. Neither one was happy when I told them that wasn't a choice.

No sooner than I had the girls away from the quilt, Pearl came in and promptly laid down in the center of it! When I complained, Michael reminded me that I was the one who wanted dogs and also the one who wanted to quilt. I told him I needed a design wall to keep my quilts off the floor. Of course that would require me to have an actual wall to hang the design wall on.

All in all it was a typical day in the land of mayhem.


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Phyllis said...

We both need to make a portable design wall. Will need it for the modern 100