Monday, January 20, 2014

My Newest Hobby

The last two years my new hobby was sewing. This year that is morphing into quilting. Something I said I had absolutely no interest in doing.

What changed? I'm not really certain. I think getting more comfortable with the basics of sewing helped the most. Then going on the quilting retreat with my mom in November seemed to be the catalyst that made me decided to actually give it a try.

This year I've signed up for a block of the month. Each month you take in the previous month's completed block and receive instructions and fabric for the next month's block. At the end of the year you decide how to set them and finish the quilt. Here is January's completed block:

Tomorrow I start a modern block quilt club. For this one, you actually bring your machine and work on blocks while at the shop. Mom bought a copy of the book we will be using when she and Dad were visiting. The book is Tula Pink City Series 100 Modern Blocks. She suggested I try a couple of blocks before I went to "class." Here is what I've done so far. The photos have the picture of the completed block in the book on the left and my completed on the right.

And here are Mom's blocks so far. She is using this as a way to use up some of her stash. Notice her block on the right; it is the same block as my first one with the snake, just different fabrics.


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Shelly said...

I really like it! Wish I had time to do a block of the month club. I love how different your blocks look from your moms simply because of the fabrics.