Tuesday, January 07, 2014


In transcribing the kids' answers to their end of the year survey last night I was struck by how many people have been a blessing to them.  I am so grateful  for all the people in my parenting village.  Below is a list of the people that showed up on my kids surveys:

The other families that we celebrate New Year's Eve with.  Each family in attendance has at least one baby in heaven.  The hosts lost their baby on New Year's Eve.  More than anything on New Year's Eve were are celebrating their son and all the children we have in heaven and that we have learned to have a meaningful life after such a profound loss.  Not only do the adults support each other, but the kids also enjoy knowing there are other kids like them that have a sibling (or more) in heaven.

Boy Scouts.  Rehm is not an outdoorsy or sporty kid by nature.  He loves scouts and all the skills he learns there, including shooting.  I am so thankful for the adults and other teens that spend their time encouraging and teaching each other.

Band.  Being part of band at the middle school has be amazing.  Rehm loves his band director and his band director from last year, whom he helps out during his lunch with the 6th grade double reeds.  Band is definitely his most challenging class at school. His directors encourage him to do his best even when it means working hard.  

The girl who has made my son realize that girls are not horrible creatures.  Having three younger sisters he does not always think highly of girls as they tend to annoy him. I am grateful that he is learning that girls are funny, smart and kind, even if he still does not recognize these traits in his sisters. 

Johnny Football (Manziel).  Rehm is not hugely into any sport but he loves watching Johnny.  Who can blame him?  Johnny is a wonder to watch.  I love seeing Rehm developing an appreciation for sports, even if he still has no desire to play them.

All of the teachers who continue to inspire and encourage my children to love learning.  I am in awe of teachers.  It truly takes a gifted person to teach.  We have been blessed with many wonderful teachers this year and honestly, every year we have been in school.  A special shout out to Ruby's teacher who made her list as the best thing in 2013.  

All of my kids coaches.  Especially Eliza Claire's softball coaches.  They have done a great job of teaching and motivating her.  She loves playing softball and that is most certainly due to her coaches. 

These are by no means the only people who have blessed us in the past year.  However, I was overwhlemed with gratitude when I realized just how many people outside of our family bless us on a daily basis.

We are truly blessed.  Thank you all for being part of our journey.  We couldn't do it without you.


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