Monday, January 10, 2011

CHristmas Day: The Afternoon Edition

We spent Christmas morning and afternoon opening presents with my parents, sister and her family and playing in the snow that started mid-morning. 

It snowed most of the day and the kids had a blast rolling around in the snow, having snowball fights and trying to build snowmen.  They came in cold, tired and soaked!

Eliza in the foreground and Charlotte in the back
Rehm in the navy coat, Ruby holding snow and Zander in the red.

Eliza Claire with her snow man.  He is kind of hard to see.
Eliza Claire was a dedicated snowman maker.

Bottom and middle of a giant snowman that never got finished.  These two pieces did get stacked and took over a week to completely melt.
Cousins having fun

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Phyllis said...

Charlotte your earrings and nails look fabulous in the pic with Rehm opening his presnt.

It is snowing again in NC!