Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vacuum Cleaners, Again!

After my wonderful experience with vacuums earlier in the week.  I decided Wednesday to go buy the Bissell Clearview Helix I returned on Tuesday.  I got it home and the first thing I noticed is the box opened differently.  The first one I got was supposed to be opened from the top.  It was hard to get things out and part of me wonders if the broken handle happened in trying to unpack the box.  The new one was supposed to be opened from the front.  It was much easier to get all of the parts out of the box and of course, I found nothing broken.

The first thing I liked better about the Bissell over the Hoover T-Series Rewind was the tool storage.  Everything seems to have a more secure place on the Bissell.  Then I turned on the Bissell.  On bare floors it feels self-propelled.  The Bissell advertised that it had side edge cleaning, and it really does.  With the Hoover, I had to go around the base of all the cabinets with the crevice tool to get the crumbs it missed.  I did not have to do this with the Bissell.  The last thing I liked better about the Bissell was the hose attachement.  It has a rigid 18 inch or so long piece with a handle that you pull out.  It was much easier to use and manuver than the Hoover hose.

I have no idea how long this vacuum will survive and honestly my expectations are low.  But, the Bissell Clearview is definitely a better and cheaper vacuum than the Hoover T-Series. 

I know you were all waiting on the edge of your seats for me to make a decision on the whole vacuum thing and I know you will sleep much better know the Bissell is the better choice.  Yeah, I know you all really don't care and I have no idea why I feel the need to share this stuff.  Oh well. 


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